“Simplifying HR processes with Crocodile: A Comprehensive Review”


In today’s fast-paced world, businesses are required to adapt to various challenges. The Human Resource department is no exception. With the constantly changing world of work, it is important for HR teams to stay updated and be able to respond to changes quickly.

To aid in this, technology has become an integral part of HR. HR software has evolved over the years and there are numerous options available in the market. In this blog post, we will focus on one such HR software named Crocodile.

Crocodile is an HR software that simplifies HR processes like recruitment, onboarding, employee management, and performance evaluation. It is a customizable tool that can be configured based on specific company requirements. Crocodile has various features that make HR tasks easier and efficient, which we will explore in detail in this blog post.

1. Recruitment

Recruiting the right people is crucial to any business. Crocodile simplifies the recruitment process by streamlining various tasks associated with it. The software allows recruiters to set up custom recruiting pipelines, track candidates, schedule interviews, and collaborate with hiring teams.

With Crocodile, recruiters can view resumes, cover letters and other application materials in one place, making it easier to track each applicant’s progress. Crocodile’s user-friendly interface ensures that all necessary information is at your fingertips, making the recruitment process more efficient.

2. Onboarding

Onboarding can be a time-consuming task, mainly when done manually. Crocodile simplifies this task by automating various parts of the onboarding process. From paperwork to training, Crocodile has got you covered.

The software allows new employees to complete necessary forms online, minimizing the need for paperwork. Crocodile also includes a feature for automatic reminders to ensure all required documents are completed and submitted before the employee’s start date.

Crocodile is also capable of scheduling training sessions and sending automated emails to employees regarding required activities. This makes onboarding more efficient and ensures new employees are prepared for their roles.

3. Employee Management

Managing employees can be a challenging task, especially when managing a large workforce. Crocodile simplifies this by providing a centralized platform for employee management.

Crocodile’s employee management feature allows HR teams to track employee data, such as contact information, employment history, payroll, performance evaluations, and benefits. The software also includes a feature for recording time-off requests and approvals, making it easier to manage employee schedule requests.

With Crocodile, HR teams can keep track of employee performance evaluations and feedback. The software provides real-time data, enabling managers to make informed decisions on employee promotions and raises.

4. Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluations are an essential part of employees’ growth and development. Crocodile simplifies the performance evaluation process by automating various parts of it.

The software provides HR teams with customizable templates, simplifying the creation of performance evaluations. Crocodile automates key tasks, such as sending reminders to managers and employees to complete evaluations in time.

Crocodile makes it easy to aggregate data and identify top-performing individual employees and teams. This way, HR teams can quickly identify areas of strengths and opportunities for improvements within the team.

5. Reporting

HR teams need to have access to accurate data to help them make informed decisions. Crocodile provides HR teams with a reporting feature that provides real-time data on various HR metrics.

The reporting feature is customizable, allowing HR teams to select the data that is most useful to them. This feature simplifies decision-making for HR teams as they have access to relevant data at all times.


In conclusion, Crocodile is an HR software that simplifies various HR tasks such as recruitment, onboarding, employee management, performance evaluation, and reporting. By using Crocodile, HR teams can streamline their processes, save time, and make informed decisions. With its user-friendly interface and configurable features, Crocodile is an excellent investment for any company looking to simplify and improve their HR processes.

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