Revolutionize Your HR Management with People HR: A Comprehensive Cloud-Based Solution for Small, Medium, and Large-Sized Businesses


People HR is an innovative human resource management software that helps businesses manage their workforce efficiently. This software is designed to improve the HR function in organizations by providing tools for managing tasks, employee information, and communication. People HR is a cloud-based software that can be accessed from any location around the world. The software is easy to use and comes with many features that make it an ideal choice for small, medium and large-sized businesses.

One of the key features of People HR is its comprehensive employee database. The system allows administrators to keep a record of all employee information including contact details, job history, and performance reviews. This feature makes it easy to search employee records and access important information quickly. Furthermore, managers can set up custom fields to capture employee-specific data such as qualification, training and other important work-related records.

People HR also helps businesses manage their recruitment process more efficiently. It provides tools for creating job vacancies, posting job adverts on various job boards, and receiving applications. The software allows you to filter applications based on specific criteria such as experience, qualifications, and location. This saves time and effort during the recruitment process, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

The performance management feature is another significant benefit of this software. It allows you to set up performance objectives for employees and track their progress towards achieving them. You can also conduct regular performance reviews and provide feedback to help employees grow and develop within the organization. This feature helps foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement, which drives organizational growth.

Another advantage of People HR is its leave management module. This feature allows employees to request leave through the system, which automatically routes the request to the manager for approval. Employees can view their leave balances and track their time off through the self-service portal. This feature helps streamline the leave management process, reduces errors, and ensures compliance with the company’s policies.

To enhance communication and collaboration, People HR has a social wall feature. This feature allows employees to post updates, share information, and engage with each other. The social wall can be used for sharing news, photos, and videos about company events, as well as communicating important announcements, such as changes in policy or upcoming deadlines.

In conclusion, People HR is a comprehensive human resource management software that can help businesses streamline their HR function. The software comes with many features such as employee database management, recruitment tracking, performance management, leave management and social wall communication. These features make it an ideal solution for businesses looking to improve their HR processes and drive organizational growth. If you’re looking for an innovative HR management tool, People HR is definitely worth considering.

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