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As businesses grow, so does the need for an efficient human resource management system. HR software systems are designed to streamline the process of managing employee data and automate tasks such as recruitment, payroll, onboarding, and performance management. Crocodile is one such HR software that promises to take care of all HR-related needs for businesses of all sizes.

Introduction to Crocodile HR Software

Crocodile is a cloud-based HR software developed by a team of experts to meet the unique human resource management needs of organizations. The software aims to provide business owners and HR managers with a comprehensive set of tools to manage employees’ day-to-day activities effectively. With its easy-to-use interface, users can intuitively navigate through different features and accomplish tasks quickly.

Crocodile HR software is known for its robustness and flexibility, empowering teams with the ability to automate various tasks while maintaining data security. This technology solution comprises modules that enable organizations to manage attendance, payroll, recruitment, performance appraisal, employee self-service portal, and many more.

Features and Benefits of Crocodile HR Software

1. Payroll Management:

Crocodile provides a payroll management function that enables business owners to calculate salaries and wages accurately. The module allows businesses to automate the payroll process, ensuring that employee payments are made on time. Moreover, the module has provisions for salary structures, tax deductions, and leave management.

2. Recruitment Management:

For recruitment, Crocodile enables businesses to manage job postings and candidate applications. The module keeps track of every detail from the interview process to the documentation of successful candidates. There’s also a resume parsing and applicant tracking system that helps in filtering out the best-fit candidates for the job.

3. Time and Attendance Management:

Crocodile’s time and attendance management module help businesses track their employees’ working hours. This feature takes care of overtime, leave requests, holidays, and other time-related activities.

4. Performance Appraisal:

This module is crucial for businesses seeking to evaluate and monitor employee performance. With Crocodile, managers can set up KPIs and goals that employees need to achieve within a specific period. Managers can also conduct periodic reviews and provide feedback to employees, setting expectations for their continued growth and development.

5. Employee Self-Service Portal:

The Employee Self-Service portal is an essential feature for businesses that allow employees to take control of their personal data. Employees can update their details like addresses, emergency contacts, or leave requests on the portal without having to consult HR managers. It saves time, reduces the workload of HR managers, and enhances data accuracy.

6. Compliance and Security:

Compliance and security are top priorities for businesses. Crocodile has ensured that compliance with regulations, such as GDPR and ISO certification, is taken care of. The system is designed to ensure that all employee data is highly secure by limiting access controls from unauthorized sources.

Crocodile HR Software Pricing

Crocodile’s pricing model is flexible and caters to businesses of all sizes. The software offers three pricing plans: Basic, Advanced, and Premium, with each plan offering different features at varying costs. While the Basic plan is ideal for small businesses, the Premium plan caters to larger organizations that have more complex HR management needs.

Crocodile HR Software Customer Support

As with any software solution, support services are essential. Crocodile has commendable customer service, ensuring that users are provided with adequate support whenever they encounter problems using the software. The customer service team is available 24/7 via email, phone, or live chat to provide technical assistance to users.


In conclusion, Crocodile HR software is a top-notch solution for businesses of all sizes seeking to automate their HR management processes. With its many features and benefits, the software provides businesses with easy-to-use tools for managing employee-related activities from vacation management to recruitment and beyond. Moreover, its pricing is flexible enough to cater to businesses with diverse HR needs and budgets. If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient HR software solution, then Crocodile is certainly worth considering.

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