Maximizing Employee Performance: Why HR Departments Need the Objective BRADFORD Scoring System


In today’s competitive business world, it is essential for HR departments to have an objective, efficient performance appraisal process. One such process is the BRADFORD scoring system.

The BRADFORD system is a well-established method used by HR professionals to evaluate an employee’s performance. It is named after its developer, Tom Bradford, and is based on the concept of “Behavioural Observation Scales”. This system rates employees according to specific behavioral criteria defined by their job role.

The BRADFORD system usually consists of seven categories or dimensions of performance. These are quality of work, productivity, personal traits, teamwork, communication, initiative and innovation, and attendance and punctuality. Each category is further divided into subcategories, which are scored on a scale of one to five.

To give an example, the quality of work category may include subcategories such as accuracy, attention to detail, and meeting deadlines. The employee will be rated on each of these subcategories based on whether their performance exceeded expectations (5), met expectations (3), or was below expectations (1).

The BRADFORD scoring system is designed to be objective, fair, and based on observable behaviors, making it an attractive option for HR departments. The system allows managers to identify areas where an employee is excelling and where they may need improvement. By providing clear, transparent feedback, the system helps to motivate employees, promote accountability, and ultimately improve performance.

However, like any system, the BRADFORD scoring system does have its limitations. It can be difficult to apply the same criteria to all job roles, and some aspects of performance may be hard to quantify, leading to subjective judgments. Additionally, if not implemented correctly, the system can lead to demotivation or frustration among employees who feel their efforts are not being recognized or valued.

In conclusion, the BRADFORD scoring system is a widely used, objective approach to performance management that can be beneficial for HR departments. By providing clear expectations and transparent feedback, it can help to motivate employees, promote accountability, and improve performance. However, as with any system, it is important to use the BRADFORD scoring system correctly, ensuring that it is applied consistently and fairly across all job roles.

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