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Employee Database

Crocodile enables you to keep all your confidential employment records safe and secure in the cloud. 

A few things that you can store with the Crocodile HR Software:

  1. Employment Contracts
  2. Emergency Contacts
  3. Payroll Information
  4. ID Documents
  5. Right to Work Documents


With Crocodile being a fully cloud-based HR System you will have all your important HR documents in one central location which you can access from anywhere.

Common Questions

Crocodile is a powerful HR software that helps you manage your employee data, processes and compliance with ease. With its robust features, you can streamline your HR operations and achieve your desired results.

We know you'll have a few questions, so please feel to reach out to us.

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Key Benefits

What Our Customers Say

Find out what our customers are saying about our HR Software.

Since using Crocodile HR software, we've saved on average 4 hours a month and improved the accuracy of our time off policy. I couldn't speak more highly of Crocodile.

Adam Jackson (CEO & Founder)

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