Crocodile Protect™



Utlimate Small Business HR Insurance

With our optional insurance product Crocodile Protect™ you can rest assured that any HR Advice we give you via our HR Support service protects your startup, small business or charity/NFP from litigation 

This peace of mind can make you sleep easier at night, knowing that you’re in good hands.

Important Note: Crocodile Protect™ is an optional extra and must be quoted separately. To activate your Crocodile Protect™ insurance you must contact our insurance team here at Crocodile. Crocodile Protect™ is a completely separate service from our HR support service.

What is insured?

Employment Disputes

  1. Professional Fees and Expenses incurred in employment litigation disputes with an employee, alleged employee or former employee.
  2. Compensation and damages awarded at a tribunal in respect of accepted claims.
  3. Economic settlements approved in advice by Crocodile Protect in settlement of an employment dispute.

What is not insured?

  1. Any claim or event that occurs outside of the period of insurance listed on your schedule.
  2. Any employment claim where you have failed to take all reasonable steps to prevent the claim from arising.
  3. Any employment claim where you have not sought and diligently followed the advice from the Crocodile Protect service on the legally correct procedure to follow.
  4. Any dispute you cause intentionally.
  5. Payment of awards for findings of automatic unfair dismissal, fundamental breaches of contract by the employer, direct discrimination, harassment and victimisation.
  6. Unpaid amounts due under a contract of employment or statutory provision relating to it.
  7. Compensation relating to or arising from your failure to comply with a reinstatement or re engagement order.
  8.  Any claim for personal injury, illness, disease, death or loss of or damage to property.
  9. Any legal costs & expenses or compensation awards incurred without Crocodiles Protects Insurance underwriter providers consent.
  10. Any financial penalty imposed by an Employment Tribunal other than compensation.


Please refer to your policy wording for the full list of exclusions and limitations.

Are there any restrictions on cover?

  1. The Policy Limit is £100,000 per insured claim; and
  2. £1,000,000 for all claims brought against you in any one policy year.
  3. Cover for employment litigation disputes will only respond if you have taken and followed the advice from the Crocodile Advice service on the legally correct procedure to follow.

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