Company Handbook


A tailor made company handbook

As part of our HR Support subscription, we can create you a bespoke company handbook for your startup, small business or Charity/NFP.

A company handbook is essential for business, it gives clear guidance of your company policies. 

An employee handbook is a great way of creating a great company culture. All employees know what is expected of them, and we can document the 30,000 perks and benefits that are available to all our Crocodile subscribers.

A review of your existing handbook

If you already have a Company Handbook for your employees, it’s important that it remains up-to-date and compliant. 

As part of your subscription to the Crocodile HR Support service, we offer a full 360 degree review over your existing policies and handbook and can suggest and make changes for you. 

Comply with UK Legalisation

Some startups, small businesses and charities are unaware that they aren’t compliant with UK employment legalisation. It can lead to expensive court cases, company director disqualification, and civil litigation in some cases. 

Crocodile Support is specifically designed to work alongside your business to prevent this from happening to your business.

Our accredited CIPD advisers offer all our HR Advice. At Crocodile, we will do our utmost to advise and ensure your business is compliant with relevant HR legalisation. 

Consistency for all your staff

From our vast experience working and advising small businesses, charities and startups we find a common pain point has been employee satisfaction and employee retention. Although companies are usually highly entrepreneurial and creating delivering great things, many don’t tend to have consistent processes in place.

If procedures and processes are not in place, it can lead to some employees feeling frustrated, and sadly exiting the company. Our HR Support service focuses on creating your business bespoke and compatible consistent policies that match your company culture.

Everything in one place

A static company/employee handbook living on a shared drive on a server in your office is destined to gather dust and become forgotten about. 

In the world of remote working, employees want to get quick access to intuitive, easy to understand and dynamic HR processes. 

Crocodile is cloud-based HR software and by design allows all your team members to quickly access the employee handbook, your company procedures and processes wherever in the world they are working from.

Foster a Company Culture

Creating a great company culture is key to attracting and retaining great talent for your enterprise.

The Crocodile HR Support Service works alongside your business to help create an awesome company culture you can be proud of. 

For our HR Support customers, we send weekly updates with tips and tricks to help your business with the neverending changes in legalisation and the insights into continuously improving your business thus creating your own unique culture.

Frequently asked Questions

Absolutely not, as part of your HR Support subscription we give you either a full review of your current company handbook or we can create you a brand new handbook working closely with you and your team.

It all starts with a video call on either Microsoft Teams or Zoom. We meet with the key people in your business and learn about your business. In an open forum we have a brainstorm of where your business is currently and where you want it to go. Our CIPD HR Experts then work closely with you to create an amazing, bespoke employee handbook for your business.

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