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Employee Self Service

Our employee self service makes your job a breeze

Always Available 24/7

As Crocodile is cloud-based HR Software, your employees can securely request holidays, time off, and sicknesses from anywhere.


Our Self Service feature is designed for all your employees' abilities and is accessible. However, we know that not everyone is an expert at HR software, which is paramount to our design.

Colleague Directory

Your workforce will be able to see all of their teams work phone numbers and e-mail addresses. So they can always get in touch weather they are working

Beautifully Simple

Our HR System is designed from the ground up to take a bite out of all your HR admin work. Our design teamvery hard working with small businesses across the UK to create a solution that both the business owner, HR manager and employees will enjoy using.

Hosted in the Clself-serviceloyee self service software is sure to make your business:

  1. Save you and your business time and money.
  2. Centralise all your HR information securely in the cloud
  3. Eliminate Spreadsheets and e-mails

Common Questions

Crocodile is a powerful HR software that helps you manage your employee data, processes and compliance with ease. With its robust features, you can streamline your HR operations and achieve your desired results.

We know you'll have a few questions, so please feel to reach out to us.

Each employee in Crocodile can have a line manager. When an employee created a leave request their manager gets an e-mail. The line manager can then approve or reject the leave request.

Employee self-service (ESS) is a technology that allows employees to access and update their personal information, as well as view their work-related information and tasks, without having to go through their employer. This includes information such as their contact details, tax information, and leave balances. Employees can also use ESS to clock in and out of work, request time off, and submit expenses. ESS is a valuable tool for both employers and employees. Employers can use it to reduce the amount of time spent managing employee information, and employees can use it to stay up-to-date on their work-related tasks and information.

Key Benefits

What Our Customers Say

Find out what our customers are saying about our HR Software.

Since using Crocodile HR software, we've saved on average 4 hours a month and improved the accuracy of our time off policy. I couldn't speak more highly of Crocodile.

Adam Jackson (CEO & Founder)

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