Crocodile: Snap Up Success from Start to Finish!

Self-Onboarding: Dive Right In!

Crocodile’s self-onboarding feature lets new hires swim smoothly into their new roles. With just a few clicks, they can:

  • Navigate the Waters: A step-by-step guide that’s as intuitive as a crocodile in its natural habitat. New employees can easily submit their details, sign documents, and get acquainted with their team—all on their own.
  • Tailor Their Experience: Personalized welcome messages and essential information tailored just for them, ensuring they feel part of the pack from day one.

Wizard-Assisted Offboarding: A Smooth Sail Away

When it’s time to part ways, Crocodile’s offboarding wizard ensures a seamless and respectful exit:

  • Guided Goodbyes: Our offboarding wizard leads the way, ensuring all steps are completed with care—from asset return to final feedback.
  • Leave on a High Note: A process as graceful as a crocodile slipping back into the river, making sure departing employees have a positive last impression.

Crocodile: Making Onboarding a Breeze and Offboarding Snappy!

With Crocodile, you’re not just managing HR processes; you’re creating a seamless journey for your employees, from their first splash to their final wave goodbye. Let Crocodile take the bite out of HR management.

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