Save yourself hours of admin, lose the spreadsheets and become efficient

Streamline Your Holiday Planning

Ditch the paperwork and endless emails. With Crocodile HR, submitting and approving holiday requests is quick and simple. Our intuitive platform transforms the way you manage time off, freeing up your day for what really matters.

Automate and Relax

Forget manual tracking. Crocodile HR automates holiday entitlements and updates, giving you a real-time, error-free overview of allowances at a glance. It’s holiday management, but smarter.

Empower Your Team

Our self-service portal means employees can manage their time off anytime, anywhere, putting the power back in their hands and reducing HR’s load. More autonomy, less admin.

Gain Insightful Data

With Crocodile HR’s smart reporting, make informed decisions with data-driven insights. Know your team’s holiday patterns and plan better.

Crocodile HR: Simplifying HR, one holiday at a time.

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