The benefits of using an HR management system in your business

Human resource management is a process that helps organizations manage employee records, benefits, and compensation. It also helps organizations keep track of employee performance and compliance with company policies. Additionally, human resource management can help organizations identify and resolve potential conflicts between employees.The Importance of a BudgetA budget is an important tool for any business, […]

Is your absence policy costing you more than it’s worth?

Unauthorised absence from work can be a real problem for employers. It can be costly in terms of lost productivity and can disrupt the smooth running of the workplace. There are a number of things that employers can do to manage unauthorised absence, including:– Having a clear policy in place and communicating this to employees– […]

The five most important HR policies every business should have

Every business is different, so it’s important to tailor your HR policies to fit your company’s needs. However, there are some HR policies that are essential for every business. Here are the five most important HR policies every business should have: 1. A policy on attendance and punctuality. 2. A policy on dress code and […]

What does Summary dismissal mean? (HR)

Summary dismissal is the termination of an employee’s contract of employment without notice or payment in lieu of notice. The employee is dismissed “without cause” and is not entitled to any severance pay.What is summary dismissal?The term “summary dismissal” is used in human resources to describe the termination of an employee without notice or cause. […]

How to get the most out of your employee engagement survey results

Employee engagement surveys can be a great way to measure employee satisfaction and identify areas for improvement. When conducting an employee engagement survey, it is important to keep the following in mind:Keep the survey short and concise – Employees are more likely to complete a shorter survey.Make the survey interesting and engaging – Use questions […]

CultureOps: What is it and how can it help my business?

CultureOps is the term for the intersection of culture and operations in an organization. In other words, how do the things we do as an organization (operations) affect the culture, and how does the culture affect our operations?At its heart, CultureOps is about creating a deliberate, sustainable culture that drives the right behaviors and outcomes. […]

What are the basics of HR policies that all businesses should have

If you are a business owner, it is important to know the basics of human resources policies. This will help you to create a safe and productive work environment for your employees. There are a few key policies that all businesses should have in place. The first is a harassment policy. This policy should clearly […]

What are the essential HR policies that all businesses should have

All businesses, no matter their size, should have essential HR policies in place. These policies ensure that employees are treated fairly and that the company is in compliance with all applicable employment laws. The most important HR policies are: 1. Anti-discrimination Policy – This policy prohibits discrimination against employees based on race, sex, religion, national […]

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