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Are you ready to elevate your business to the top of the food chain? Crocodile’s Partner Programme is calling for trailblazers, innovators, and leaders who are eager to make a splash in the HR technology space. By becoming a Crocodile partner, you’re not just joining a programme; you’re stepping into a realm of endless possibilities, where your growth is our priority, and your success is celebrated with a snap!

Why Partner with Crocodile?

  • Commission on Every Referral: Earn lucrative commissions when you introduce your clients to Crocodile’s Gator-Grade HR technology.
  • Empower Your Clients: Offer your clients cutting-edge HR solutions that simplify their processes, from snapping receipts for expense management to clocking in with ease.
  • Exclusive Access: As a partner, you’ll have the inside track on our latest features, tools, and updates, ensuring you can provide top-notch advice and support.
  • Dedicated Support: You’ll never swim alone. Our team is here to support you with training, resources, and guidance to ensure you and your clients make the most out of our software.


How to Apply?
Taking the first step is as easy as a croc’s snap:

  1. Fill In the Form: Provide us with a few details about yourself and your business. Whether you’re an HR consultancy, an IT firm, or an accountant, there’s a place for you in our pond.
  2. Tell Us About Your Business: Share a brief about your current clientele, your business focus, and how you envision Crocodile fitting into your offerings.
  3. Submit Your Application: Once you’ve filled in all the details, hit the submit button, and our team will review your application.

What Happens Next?
After you submit your application, our team will take a dive into your submission. We’ll assess how we can best support your journey and ensure a fruitful partnership. Expect a call or an email from us to discuss the next steps, whether it’s setting up a demo, discussing commission structures, or simply getting to know each other better.

Ready to Take the Leap?
Fill in the application form now and start your journey towards becoming a Crocodile partner. Together, we’ll navigate the waters of success, support, and innovation. It’s time to make waves in the HR tech world, and it all starts here, with you.

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