An Introduction to Bradford Scoring: Streamlining Employee Recruitment with a Systematic and Objective Approach



Employee recruitment is an essential process for any organization. HR managers not only have to find the right skill set but also consider other factors like cultural fit and personality traits. Traditionally, CVs and resumes were used as a basis for recruitment, but with time, new methods have emerged. One such method is the Bradford Scoring.

What is Bradford Scoring?

Named after the English city of Bradford, the Bradford Scoring system measures the suitability of a candidate for a particular job based on a scoring technique. The system creates an objective means of assessing candidates’ experience, qualifications, education, and other factors relevant to the job.

The Bradford Scoring system has been in use for several years and has proven to be reliable in assessing potential employees. HR managers can use this system to evaluate various job applicants based on their qualifications, experience, and other factors.

How Does the Bradford Scoring System Work?

The Bradford Scoring system is based on predetermined criteria that HR managers use to score applicants. Once the selection criteria have been established, a point score is assigned to each criterion. The scores then provide a ranking of candidates who have applied for the job.

For instance, if the criteria for a job opening include a degree in a specific field, three years of experience, and knowledge of certain software, the HR manager assigns points to each criterion. The number of points may vary depending on the importance of the criterion to the job position.

Once the criteria and points have been established, the HR manager starts reviewing CVs, and each application is scored based on how well they meet the pre-determined criteria. The candidate with the highest score is usually selected for an interview and potentially the job.

Advantages of Using the Bradford Scoring System

One significant advantage of the Bradford Scoring system is that it provides a systematic and objective approach to recruitment. This helps eliminate any biases that might arise during the hiring process. It allows HR managers to focus on relevant qualifications, skills, and experience without being swayed by personal impressions.

The system also saves time and resources since it narrows down the pool of applicants that qualify for the position. It streamlines the recruitment process and reduces the need for manual sifting through hundreds of applications.

Another advantage of the Bradford Scoring system is that it ensures consistency in the recruitment process. The scoring criteria are pre-determined, and it’s easy to train HR staff on how to use the system. This means that all candidates will be evaluated in the same way, ensuring fairness and equal opportunities.

Disadvantages of Using the Bradford Scoring System

One of the main disadvantages of the Bradford Scoring system is that it does not take into account candidates’ soft skills or emotional intelligence. Qualities such as problem-solving, teamwork, leadership, and communication skills are essential determinants of a candidate’s suitability, but they are not always evident from their CVs.

Also, since the system relies heavily on a point-based rating, it can discriminate against certain candidates, particularly those who have less formal education or work experience. This can result in qualified candidates being excluded from the recruitment process, which may not be in the best interest of the company.


In conclusion, the Bradford Scoring system is an objective and reliable method of evaluating job applicants based on predetermined criteria. It enables HR managers to narrow down the pool of applicants effectively and efficiently, providing a consistent and fair recruitment process.

However, the system has its limitations since it does not consider soft skills or emotional intelligence, which are crucial factors in determining a candidate’s suitability for a job. Therefore, it’s essential to use the Bradford Scoring system alongside other methods to ensure that companies hire the best candidates to contribute to their success.

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