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About Crocodile®

Welcome to Crocodile – The Home of ‘Gator-Grade’ HR Tech for Small Businesses
At Crocodile, our mission is to revolutionise the HR technology landscape for small businesses. Founded by Rob Heeley, a tech enthusiast with a keen eye for entrepreneurship, Crocodile was born out of a simple yet profound realisation: the small business sector was vastly underserved in the HR tech arena. With a rich background in technology and an entrepreneurial spirit, Rob set out to bridge this gap, crafting solutions that are not only innovative but also accessible and affordable.

Our Journey
Navigating through the dense marshes of the HR tech world, we noticed that small businesses often got the short end of the stick – left to wrestle with clunky, overpriced systems that hardly met their needs. It was clear that a change was needed. A ‘Gator-Grade’ change. Thus, Crocodile was born – a nod to our commitment to providing robust, scalable, and user-friendly HR solutions that pack a punch without biting into your budget.

What Is ‘Gator-Grade’?
‘Gator-Grade’ symbolises our dedication to excellence and resilience. Just as alligators thrive in their environments, adapting with remarkable efficiency and effectiveness, Crocodile’s HR solutions are designed to empower small businesses to do the same. Our technology is built to scale, grow, and adapt with your business, ensuring you have the support you need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Why Choose Crocodile?

  • Tailored for Small Businesses: Our solutions are crafted with the unique challenges of small businesses in mind, ensuring you have the tools to manage your HR needs effectively.
  • Cost-Effective: We believe in fair pricing. Quality HR tech should support your growth, not hinder it with excessive costs.
  • Simplicity and Efficiency: Our intuitive interfaces and streamlined processes save you time, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – growing your business.

Meet Rob Heeley
With a background steeped in technology and a passion for entrepreneurship, Rob Heeley is at the helm of Crocodile’s innovative journey. Driven by a desire to make a tangible difference in the small business sector, Rob’s vision for Crocodile is clear: to provide ‘Gator-Grade’ HR technology that supports, empowers, and elevates small businesses across the UK and beyond.

Our Promise
We’re not just a service provider; we’re your partner in growth. With Crocodile, you’re not just getting HR technology; you’re getting a commitment to excellence, innovation, and a dedicated support team that’s always there when you need us.

Join the Crocodile Family
Embark on a journey with Crocodile, and discover how our ‘Gator-Grade’ HR tech can transform your business. We’re not just building systems; we’re building dreams. Welcome aboard!

Legal Information

Crocodile® and Crocodile HR are trading names of WorkBee Limited. 

WorkBee Limited is a company registered in England with company number 13120552.

WorkBee Limited’s registered address is Tarraby Farm, Tarraby, Carlisle, CA3 0JS

WorkBee Limited is a VAT-registered entity whose VAT number is 367 6537 55.

Crocodile® is a registered UK Trademark. Trademark Number: UK00003637421

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