A Comprehensive Guide to Implementing the BRADFORD Scoring System for Effective Hiring: Tips and Tricks for HR Professionals


The BRADFORD Scoring System: A Comprehensive Guide for HR Professionals

As a Human Resources (HR) professional, you know that hiring the right people is crucial for the success of any organization. However, with a large number of applicants for every job opening, it can be difficult to filter out the best candidates. This is where the BRADFORD scoring system can help.

What is the BRADFORD Scoring System?

The BRADFORD scoring system is a tool used by HR professionals to evaluate job applicants based on their qualifications and experience. The system assigns points to various factors such as education, work experience, relevant certifications, and other criteria specified by the company.

After each candidate’s application has been thoroughly reviewed, they are assigned a total score based on the BRADFORD system, which reflects their suitability for the role. The higher the score, the better the candidate’s chances of being selected for the job.

Why is the BRADFORD Scoring System Useful?

The BRADFORD scoring system offers several benefits to HR professionals. Firstly, it provides a standardized way of evaluating job applicants, which makes the selection process more consistent and objective.

Secondly, the system enables hiring managers to quickly identify the most qualified and experienced candidates, ensuring that they are given priority consideration for the position. This helps to save time and resources by filtering out unsuitable candidates early on in the hiring process.

Moreover, the BRADFORD system allows companies to set specific criteria for their ideal candidate, taking into account the specific needs of the organization. This helps to ensure that the selected candidate will be a good match for the company culture and values.

How Does the BRADFORD Scoring System Work?

The BRADFORD scoring system consists of several steps that need to be followed in order to evaluate job applicants effectively. Below is a breakdown of each step:

Step 1: Determine the job requirements – Before using the BRADFORD system, HR professionals must first define the qualifications and experience needed for the role. This includes skills, education, work experience and any other relevant criteria.

Step 2: Assign Points – Once the job requirements have been established, HR professionals assign points to each candidate based on their qualifications and experience. Each criterion is given a specific point value, and a maximum score is set for the job opening.

For example, if the job requires a bachelor’s degree, candidates with a master’s degree may be awarded additional points. Similarly, candidates with relevant work experience will also receive extra points.

Step 3: Evaluate Candidates – After assigning points to each criterion, HR professionals evaluate each candidate’s application to determine their overall score. The candidate with the highest score is considered the most suitable for the role.

Step 4: Consider Other Factors – Although the BRADFORD scoring system provides an objective way of evaluating job applicants, it should not be the only factor used in the selection process. Other factors, such as references, performance in interviews, and soft skills, should also be taken into consideration.


The BRADFORD scoring system is a valuable tool for HR professionals looking to hire the best candidates for a job opening. By following these simple steps, they can quickly and efficiently evaluate job applicants based on their qualifications and experience.

However, it is important to remember that the BRADFORD system alone should not be relied upon to make hiring decisions. Other factors, such as references, interviews, and soft skills, should also be considered carefully to ensure that the selected candidate is the best fit for the company.

In summary, the BRADFORD scoring system can help HR professionals to hire the right people for their organization, making the selection process more efficient and effective. By using this system in conjunction with other selection tools, HR professionals can be confident that they are making the best hiring decision possible.

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